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Fifth Anti-Racism Network Meeting, 12 March 2021

Just one week after the workshop establishing a common understanding of the network, our fifth Anti-Racism Network meeting took place on March 12, 2021. In this meeting we investigated how to effectively and sustainably communicate the goals and demands of our network to the outside world. To this end, we first received valuable input on strategic political communication from Johannah Illgner, an expert in strategy development and founder of the creative agency Plan W. We discussed our goals for external communication, whereby the desire to make the network and the work of the network partners visible to the public became particularly clear. Also in this meeting a central point was that we want to reach BPoC (Black and People of Color, a self-designation of Black people and non-white read people, who are all affected by racism) from all social groups.

In small groups, we discussed which actors in the Heidelberg region could support us and strategies to reach as many people in the region as possible. The result of the workshop was very successful: We defined our concrete goals for the anti-racism network, compiled next steps for how we can achieve them, and identified potential cooperation partners.

In terms of content and organization, we came away from this workshop stronger. Network partners were able to get to know each other better and continue to grow together. Our goals are now concrete and we are motivated to implement the next steps towards an anti-racist Heidelberg. We are looking forward to the upcoming meetings! Stay tuned for updates.

Fourth Anti-Racism Network Meeting, 05 March 2021

On March 5, 2021, the fourth meeting of the Anti-Racism Network took place. Almost 30 actors from different initiatives and organizations came together online to establish a common understanding of anti-racist work and discuss the concrete goals for our network. Through the helpful guidance of Gilda Sahebi, a freelance journalist, doctor and political scientist who deals with the topics of racism and anti-Semitism, among others, we came a lot closer to this goal during this workshop.

First, the participating groups were asked what their own anti-racist work looks like and which social problems they are striving to solve in their work. In a next step, we discussed what anti-racist work in Heidelberg should look like in concrete terms, compiling our demands and goals. The participants also presented their respective actions, offers and services, so that we all got a deeper insight into their ongoing work. From there, we were able to compile the goals that are particularly important to us as a network. 

Our central aim is to put post-migrant perspectives and demands of BPoC (Black and People of Color, a self-designation of Black people and non-white read people, who are all affected by racism) at the core of the work. Practically, the network is meant to support each other in our respective projects, but also to plan and implement joint actions and events. The Anti-Racism Network is about more than that though, too. We want to formulate shared demands and actively reach out to institutions and engage the general public in order to bring about sustainable change to make Heidelberg an anti-racist city.

The next meeting will take place one week later. We stay tuned!

Second Anti-Racism Network Meeting, 03 July 2020 

On July 3, 2020, the Second Anti-racism Network meeting took place. After the first online meeting, we were happy to be able to meet again in person at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg. We were able to accommodate over 30 people from different organizations and initiatives and discussed four different topics. We asked the participants: What would you need from an Anti-racist Network, and what should be avoided? The group discussed what an anti-racist city should look like and how institutions need to change within the city.

We evaluated the current situation of actions and campaigns being planned by the different participating groups or which are already taking place in the region. Also, we talked about where these need support. Finally, we discussed the decolonization of Heidelberg and what resources are necessary for this process. The outcomes of the workshop gave us a lot of insight and motivation to continue with the work and with the network. The next meeting will be happening soon!

First Anti-racism Network meeting, 05 June 2020

On June 5th, 2020 the first Anti-racism Network meeting took place. On full power after the Day of Resistance (8th May 2020), we met to focus on the anti-racism work in Heidelberg. Stuck by the idea of a movement which is pushed by people with racism experience but goes along with everyone.

People and initiatives from Heidelberg got together in an online meeting to think together about what does anti-racism work in Heidelberg need and how we can implement the demands of the Day of Resistance in the long term.

At the beginning, the question asked was: What does it mean to be racist? As a result, several groups were formed and the participants had the opportunity to discuss about the following three questions:

  1. Upfuck, what frustrates you?
  2. Well done: what am I proud of? What has been achieved so far?
  3. Make a wish: What do I wish/ expect from the future?

The results were precious, the participants could report about their own experiences and exchange with each other. A next meeting is already planned! #KeinSchlussstrich