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If you want to be up-to-date with “what’s up in our Heidelberg Hub” you can check out our latest Facebook updates here. We post regularly about our volunteer meetings on Mondays, one-on-one meetings with initiatives from Heidelberg and their events as well as other news from all over our Migration Hub Network.


Migration Hub Heidelberg

Der Migration Hub Heidelberg unterstützt lokale Initiativen darin gemeinsam die Herausforderungen von Flucht und Migration in Chancen zu verwandeln und ist Teil des Migrationhub Networks.
Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg1 day ago
Upcoming Events in Heidelberg

Monday, 23.09.19:
- Heidelberg IWC Monthly Meeting: Community Leader Edition (09:30-11:30, networking, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1278772262296663/)
- Community Lunch - Food & Finance Edition (12:30-14:00, networking, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1098252957051393/)

Thursday, 26.09.19:
- Internationales Business Development – Seminar (09:00-17:00, seminar, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1404038809728702/)

Friday, 27.09.19:
- Nacht der Forschung (15:00-23:00, lecture, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2419198895032204/)

Saturday, 28.09.19:
- 50. Heidelberger Herbst (07:00-21:00, party, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/412275359414856/)
- SALE zum Heidelberger Herbst (11:00-18:00, sale, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1679042428896033/?event_time_id=1679042432229366)
- HÄLL-Sa, 28.09. Something Indie This Way Comes (22:00-04:00, party, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1396892683808984/)

Sunday, 29.09.19:
- Ladies Second Hand Flohmarkt im MGH mit Kuchenbuffet (14:30-17:00, social, Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/322258521824559/)
Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg2 days ago
"The hatred has been manufactured."

"A battle is being fought today in the public squares... a battle of storytelling about migrants."

Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg3 days ago
FridaysForFuture Heidelberg
Marktplatz Heidelberg
Climate change and migration are always interconnected! That's why we joined FridaysForFuture Heidelberg today on their march in Heidelberg! Thank you FridaysForFuture Heidelberg for motivating 10.000 people to strike!
#actnow #climatejustice
Migration Hub Heidelberg
FridaysForFuture Heidelberg
Unfassbar. 10.000. Die größte Demo aller Zeiten in Heidelberg. Fettes Danke an alle, die da waren! 🥳 Heute haben wir Geschichte geschrieben. Jetzt kann sich niemand mehr rausreden! Gleichzeitig versagt die GroKo beim Klimaschutz. Was das Klimakabinett heute beschlossen hat ist definitiv #NotMyKlimapacket - weit entfernt von 1,5 Grad oder dem Pariser Abkommen. Wir sind lauter denn je und bleiben es auch! #allefürsklima #glibalclimatestrike #fridaysforfuture #week4CLIMATE #houseonfire #SOSAmazonia #climatejustice #now #actnoworswimlater
Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg6 days ago
Photos from Migration Hub Heidelberg's post
Interkulturelles Haus Mannheim
Yesterday we had our multiplicator training by BASF with Interkulturelles Haus Mannheim again! This time we explored the topic of strategy and organization~~Thank you Uwe Amrhei from Stiftung Bürgermut for providing input and offering new tools to us! Thanks Judith Trüper from BASF for organizing the workshop! We are definitely looking forward to the next workshop in October!😄🥳📂✏️
#MHHTeam #network #growth #organization
Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg1 week ago
Hi Friends! Needing sth to look forward to this week?🥳
Music Tank🎼✨🎤 this Friday (20th) at 20:00 in Palais Rischer Heidelberg🏠🥂
Sign up here if you wanna perform😄--> https://www.facebook.com/events/1252391218296823/

#MHH #nobadmusic #professionalornot #passiononly #comeperform
Migration Hub Heidelberg
Migration Hub Heidelberg2 weeks ago
Hurray! 🎉🎉DAI Makerspace comes back refreshingly! Come join us creating in Makerspace 🎊
We are excited to hold our weekly meetings here again😁😁

#MHH #Makerspace #weeklymeetings #creative