The Heidelberg Local Network

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Migration Hub Heidelberg is part of a local network consisting of actors from Heidelberg who are active in the field of migration, refugee support and asylum. 

We, the actors in the field of refugees and migration, see ourselves as a network – the “Heidelberger Netzwerk Flucht und Migration” 

Our shared values and goals are…

  • openness
  • collaboration and cooperation
  • encouragement of intercultural communication
  • mutual appreciation
  • migration as a chance
  • diversity as enrichment

We, the actors in the field of refugee and migration, agree to

  • meet every four months for a network event
  • be in regular exchange, e.g. through the Facebook groups “Heidelberger Engagierte im Bereich Flucht und Migration – Austausch und Vernetzung” and “Refugees Heidelberg”
  • fill the “Eventkalender Heidelberg – Flucht, Migration und Asyl” with our events
  • add our initiative/organisation/company as well as our rooms/spaces to the Wiki
  • to support and aide one another and work together